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Online Scams - Don’t just click, it could be a trick

8 cyber security predictions for 2014

This year, cyber security took centre stage with nation-state attacks, numerous high-profile data breaches and prominent cybercriminal arrests. As a new year nears, cyber-security researchers from Websense Security Labs outline their 2014 industry predictions.  - See more at:  read more »

43,000 customers could be hit after loyalty card cyber attack

Credit and debit card details belonging to customers of Super Valu, Axa and Stena Line may have been compromised following a cyber attack at LoyaltyBuild, an Irish firm that operates loyalty schemes on behalf of the three companies who customers booked the holidays through.  read more »

11 sure signs you've been hacked

Here are 11 sure signs you've been hacked and what to do in the event of compromise.  read more »

No, Your Small Business Is Not Safe From Cyber Attacks

Small and medium-sized businesses are equally susceptible to attacks from hackers as are large entities and even government agencies.  read more »

Simple solutions may be best security for your data against hackers

nfortunately, the consensus seems to be that the truly determined spy or hacker can always get your data; it's just a matter of time. But it is possible to make access more difficult. So how do you keep access to your data through the internet down to a minimum? A number of tools are readily available.  read more »

Vietnam among top 5 countries targeted by online scammers

The IT security company Kaspersky Lab has warned about increasing phishing attacks, of which Vietnam ranks among the top five countries being targeted.  read more »

South African businesses unprepared for the growing risk of cyber attacks

As the frequency and voracity of cyber-attacks increases worldwide, it is estimated that over 70% of South African businesses are significantly unprepared for cyber liability risks, and in turn, woefully underinsured when it comes to managing the financial and legal implications that follow a major cyber breach.  read more »

Cybersecurity for small business: Hackers and mobile devices - 2013's top threats

From hacking your phone to infecting anyone who visits your website, the internet’s greatest potential threats to small businesses in 2013 will be acquired more easily and do more damage than ever before.  read more »

Update: McAfee: Cyber criminals using Android malware and ransomware the most

Threats Report finds that cyber criminals target everything from Facebook to master boot records to snare victims.  read more »

Online scams drop thanks to joint policing efforts

Phishing crimes, commonly suffered by online banking and e-commerce users, have decreased significantly due to joint cooperation between the police, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and Bank Negara.  read more »

Singapore cyber unit to fight online threats

Amid the growing threat of online attacks by spies and hackers, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is bringing together its cyber security experts under a new command. Called the Cyber Defence Operations Hub, it is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, with Indonesia still working to create its own cyber defence force.  read more »

Malware attackers leave behind digital clues

In its latest report, 'Digital Bread Crumbs: Seven Clues To Identifying Who's Behind Advanced Cyber Attacks', security firm FireEye identifies prevalent attack characteristics that can significantly help in attributing specific attacks to a particular country or region, helping security professionals better defend organizations from future advanced cyber-attacks.  read more »

Web firms vow crackdown on cybercrimes

Leading Internet companies in China pledged to form the nation's first anti-cyber fraud initiative to combat the growing threat of illegal online activities.  read more »

Organisations consider cyber-attacks as more harmful than physical attacks

Organisations consider cyber-attacks as more harmful than physical attacks.  read more »

Two of three web users are cybercrime victims

As our lives are becoming more convenient and connected due to great advancements in technology, the risk of becoming victims of cyber security breaches increases dramatically. The increased connectivity raises the risk of problems such as online identity theft and credit card fraud.  read more »

India Among Top Nations Hit by Phishing Attacks; 10,000 Affected Everyday

Russian security giant Kaspersky has accounted India among the top 10 countries that are worst hit by the malicious cyber attack of phishing in 2011-2013.  read more »

More than $93 million lost to online scams each year, report reveals

Australians are losing more than $93 million a year in online scams, many aimed at shoppers and mobile phone users.  read more »

A Call to Arms for Banks: Regulators Intensify Push for Firms to Better Protect Against Cyberattacks

U.S. regulators are stepping up calls for banks to better-arm themselves against the growing online threat hackers and criminal organizations pose to individual institutions and the financial system as a whole.  read more »

FDA joins chorus of concern about cybersecurity threats

The FDA jumped off the sidelines in the ongoing discussion about threats to networked medical devices, issuing draft guidance to manufacturers and others to take additional precautions against cyberattacks that endanger patients.  read more »

Canada a haven for digital criminals: study

A patchwork of Internet and digital security laws across the country has contributed to Canada’s new No. 3 ranking worldwide as the country of choice for cyber-criminals to set up sites with advanced malware, according to a new study.  read more »

How to recoup losses from a cyber attack

Navigating cyber losses is one of the more challenging business realities that small and mid-sized business owners face today. And while cyber security is top of mind, many business owners risk extensive financial exposure when their networks store not only their own proprietary information, but that of their clients and customers. Understanding the basic needs for substantiating an insurance claim can mean the difference between being made whole and being left holding the bag.  read more »

Cancelling the cyber-fighters

Technology has long been the salvation of the financial world, allowing institutions to wring every last drop of efficiency out of their operating systems. Unfortunately, having the ability to move data faster isn’t the exclusive domain of the upright, and in recent times, those with malicious intent have increasingly used high-tech weaponry to bring web-based services to a standstill. - See more at:  read more »

Israel to Open 'Cyber Gym' for Training Against Hackers

Israel Electric gets a daily workout by fending off thousands of cyber attacks. As the provider of almost all of the country's power, it's a popular target for hackers.  read more »

Protecting your business from cyber attacks

While large corporations still continue to garner a lot of attention from cybercriminals, the reality is that SMBs are also increasingly becoming targets for cyber-attacks. In fact, according to the latest Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, 31 per cent of targeted attacks in 2012 were on businesses with less than 250 employees.  read more »

The need for a collaborative effort against cybercrime

It has been revealed that NATO experienced 2,500 cyber attacks in 2012. Though an official stated that none of the attacks had successfully infiltrated NATO security, it has been reported that around ten attacks a month were considered ‘serious’ and a minority may have been state-sponsored.  read more »

The need for a collaborative effort against cybercrime

As far too many enterprises continue to use the same security technology that has been around for many years, we need greater education around the changing methods of cyber criminals, as the human layer still presents the greatest risk to an organization.  read more »

Colleges expand programs as cybersecurity threats grow

eled by an increase in cyber attacks on critical infrastructure -- nearly 200 last year compared with fewer than a dozen in 2009, the federal Department of Homeland Security says -- cybersecurity has become among the hottest job markets in the country and an increasing focus of universities.  read more »

Take precautions while online

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, we are reminded of the importance of re-evaluating our security procedures, but we also must be conscious of another challenge: the threat to our personal information from cyber attacks.  read more »

JPMorgan, Wells Fargo Among Most-Targeted With Phishing Scams

Finance, government, shopping, online auctions and multiplayer gaming sites were those most often targeted by phishers.  read more »

Some companies looking at retaliating against cyber attackers

In taking an eye-for-an-eye approach, some of the companies that have been attacked are looking at retaliating against the attackers, covertly shutting down computers behind the cyber assaults or even spreading a new virus to stymie the hackers.  read more »

Cyber threat facing U.S. ‘continuous,’ security experts say

Hackers might learn enough from recent attacks on U.S. banks to prepare for larger, more destructive assaults should they choose to initiate them, the U.S. attorney for Western Pennsylvania and leading computer experts told the Tribune-Review on Tuesday.  read more »

Companies should ‘hack back’ at cyber attackers: security experts

IT security professionals and lobby groups are calling for new laws that would allow private companies to retaliate against cyber attackers, effectively authorising them to “hack back” at states and companies rather than rely on federal authorities to respond.  read more »

SITA to hack back

Government’s IT agency is expected to launch a full-blown initiative to protect the state’s sensitive online information after an incident last week that saw thousands of lives endangered through the hacking of the South African Police Service (SAPS) Web site.  read more »

Cyber-Attacks on Utilities Highlight Need for Strong Rules: Lawmakers

Electric utilities suffer "daily" and "constant" probes by online attackers, threatening the generation and distribution capabilities that provide power to more than 300 million Americans, according to a survey of providers conducted by the staffs of two members of the U.S. House of Representatives.    read more »

Target located: The growth of the targeted attack

The growth of targeted attacks has been documented in the global press, but the severity is possibly understated.  read more »

Global telecom supply chain cyber-attack risk considered low

The risk of a cyber attack executed via corrupt hardware inserted into a global supply chain is considered to be low in the private sector, reports the Government Accountability Office.  read more »

Warnings over loan scamming sites

Statistics suggest there has been a sharp rise in the number of people being defrauded as they attempt to borrow money online.  read more »

Viruses, hackers and scammers scare business away from web

Hacking, data security breaches and and computer viruses are preventing small companies from scaling to their full potential, according to the Federation of Small Business, which calculates its members lose £785m a year as a result of cybercrime.  read more »

Privileged accounts key to most APT attacks, says Cyber-Ark

The theft, misuse and exploitation of privileged accounts is becoming an increasingly key tactic in each phase of an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack cycle, according to security firm Cyber-Ark.  read more »

Chinese hackers resume attacks on U.S. targets

For the last three months or so, the U.S. government and some of its defense contractors have engaged in a war of shame on China to pressure it to cool its cyber-attacks on U.S. targets.  read more »

Online Fraud Takes $525m Toll On US Consumers

US citizens reported almost 290,000 cases of fraud in 2012, costing them more than $525 million (£345m), according to the US Department of Justice’s clearinghouse for Internet-crime complaints.  read more »

Cyber attacks against banks more severe than most realize

The series of cyber attacks that repeatedly knocked major U.S. banking websites offline in the past nine months has been more powerful than the general public realizes, government officials and security experts told the Reuters Cybersecurity Summit.  read more »

Cyber-attacks: 5 things companies should know

The advanced persistent threat is waging an all-out attack on enterprises’ intellectual property. Yet most companies continue to try to protect themselves using approaches that are years out of date.  read more »

Hackers use social media to bedevil advertisers

The hallowed halls of social media are no longer safe. Not when the operators of botnets like Chameleon are able to systematically steal $6 million per month from advertisers in the form of payments received for clicks from infected PCs, not real consumers.  read more »

Hackers use social media to bedevil advertisers

The hallowed halls of social media are no longer safe.  read more »

Fed offensive fueling hacker underground, report says

The U.S. government is contributing to the Internet's underground economy by scooping up hacker tools to incorporate into offensive cyber weapons, a report from Reuters says.  read more »

12 ways to protect yourself from cyber crime

In a staggering credit card fraud, Bank of Muscat lost $40 million in less than 24 hours last week.  read more »

How to Protect Yourself from Online Hackers – A Few Tips

Hacking can affect many different people whether it is through invading social networking accounts or stealing bank account information. With cyber-crime on the rise, what can you do to make sure your personal details are safe when you go online?  read more »

Hackers now targeting small businesses'

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has warned small businesses especially those who use the Internet to make import and export transactions to be wary of cyber hacking.  read more »

Cyber attacks grab headlines but don’t tell the whole story

Headlines of late have told a rather grim story: cyber attackers are siphoning off massive volumes of valuable data from large corporations and news organizations.  read more »

Electricity supplies are highly vulnerable to cyber attacks

ENERGY companies are becoming more security conscious over cyber attacks. But the defence capabilities of the industry have not kept pace with the sophistication of embedded cyber technologies nor of the capabilities of sophisticated cyber attackers.  read more »

Targeted cyber attacks growing among businesses

Symantec Corp's 'Internet Security Threat Report, Volume 18 (ISTR)' recently revealed that India has seen a 280% increase in bot infections that is continuing to spread to a larger number of emerging cities here.  read more »

Protect your business from scammers

If you're a small business owner, you need to be aware that you're a target for scammers.  read more »

The Current Scope of Cyber Threats

Cyber-attacks are among the most pressing threats to global security.  read more »

Financial gain motivates most cyber-attackers - Verizon report

Fewer than one in five breaches were carried out by state-sponsored actors as financial gain remains the biggest motivator for attackers, a major new security report has found.  read more »

Know thy cyber enemy: Who's attacking and what they want

China and Romania spawned the most cyber attacks last year, according to an in-depth study released this week by Verizon.  read more »

Should You Consider Cyber-Liability Insurance?

Telecommunications giant Verizon on Tuesday released its annual investigative report of data breaches, which found that small businesses are the number-one target of cyber-espionage attackers.  read more »

InfoSec 2013: China Is ‘Biggest Source Of Advanced Cyber Attacks’: Two reports again claim China is the number one source of serious attacks

Whilst many nations are behind advanced, persistent cyber attacks, China is involved in most of them, producing many of the tools used by Internet-based spies and carrying out plenty of espionage campaigns, according to reports released today.  read more »

Latest Online Scams And Internet Fraud

Once in a while it’s good to have an idea of the latest scams out there, so that you can avoid them. Here is a couple to keep an eye out for: - See more at:  read more »

Business must beware of internet attack threat

Cyber attacks are on the rise in Australia and businesses that fall victim must move quickly to increase their chances of recovering stolen information, a lawyer has said.  read more »

The art of cyber war in six steps

As the number and severity of cyber crimes continues to grow, it is important to understand the actual process an attacker follows when compromising a targeted computer or network.  read more »

Detect and prevent online fraud in your business in four steps

 read more »

Cyber attacks shift from agencies to IT suppliers

Attacks against government systems dropped sharply in 2012 compared with the year before, according to the latest Internet Security Threat Report from Symantec, but that does not mean that the pressure is off.  read more »

Symantec report finds small businesses battered by cyber crime

Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting small businesses due to their less sophisticated defenses, according to a new report from Symantec.  read more »

Combating Cyber Attacks With Internal Controls

News media in the U.S. are abuzz with stories about cyber attacks as financial institutions emerge as the prime targets of cyber-criminals.  read more »

Cyber attacks: should you be worried?

Privileged accounts are the most powerful within an organisation, allowing a privileged “super user” to log-on anonymously and have complete access to all information on the system.  read more »

Supply chain the new tempting attraction for hackers

Verizon made headlines last December when it was revealed that 300,000 customer records had been pinched by a hacker and posted to the Internet.  read more »

Debate Brewing Over Whether Companies Should Strike Back at Their Cyber Attackers

With sophisticated cyber attacks on the rise, firms are increasingly having to decide whether to take aggressive self-defense measures in a legal environment that is both complex and uncertain, attorneys and consultants told BNA.  read more »

Small Business Tips To Beef Up Your Cyber Security

When it comes to cyber security, small businesses risk losing not only their own data, but jeopardizing their partners’ data, too.  read more »

Staying safe online getting harder with threat of cyber attacks

That’s the reality according to cyber security industry experts, who say the vast majority of government bodies, corporations and private citizens are at a substantial risk — and lack a proper awareness — of cyber attacks and safety in the digital realm.  read more »

Top 10 Internet Job Scam Warning Signs: Internet Job Search Scams: Ten Warning Signs, Real Examples and Tips

For the past two years, the Job Search site has collected reports about internet job scams. I’ve now received more than 1,500 reports from readers.  read more »

Masters of the cyber-universe

CHINA’S SOPHISTICATED HACKERS may be the terror of the Earth, but in fact most of their attacks are rather workaday.  read more »

Online scam alert educate yourself

Have you ever received an email telling you that you've won the British lottery even though you can't remember ever having bought a lottery ticket?  read more »

Dubious e-mails trigger online scams

A few years ago, automated teller machines (ATMs) were targets of crime, either by physically accosting ATM card users while they were withdrawing money from the machines, or by stealing the card details of unsuspecting bank clients.  read more »

Cyber attacks replace terrorism as leading threat against US

Cyber attacks and cyber espionage have supplanted terrorism as the top threats facing the United States in an annual "worldwide threat" assessment released on Tuesday by US intelligence agencies.  read more »

The Coming Cyber Attack That Could Ruin Your Life

Last month, a private security firm announced that Chinese military hackers had launched attacks on the U.S. government and private companies nearly 147 times in the last seven years, a formal declaration of a secret cyber war that’s been going on for decades.  read more »

Cyber Attackers’ Tactics Outpace Companies’ Responses

The tactics of hackers, cyber- criminals and state-sponsored spies are evolving so quickly that attackers often can re-enter a company’s networks after being detected and banned, according to a U.S. computer security firm.  read more »

OFW guide: How to avoid scams when searching for jobs online

A joint study by the Universities of Califonia and Colorado, on the other hand, found that unemployed people who do an online job search find a job 25 percent faster than those who rely only on offline resources. Unfortunately, scammers have developed online schemes to dupe unsuspecting workers searching for jobs on the Internet.  read more »

Do cyber attacks result in more secure products?

The massive range of new devices, applications and operating systems has given rise to perhaps the biggest time of disruption in the computing model since we switched from the mainframe to the PC.  read more »

Cyber crime will become the norm in 2013, Symantec warns

Cyber crime will become "the norm" in 2013 - with conflicts between nations, organisations and individuals playing a key role in the cyber world - security firm Symantec has declared  read more »

Better Business Bureau: Fake IRS Website

Well, another week of alerts concerning online scams. It's amazing how things have changed in the past three decades as far as scams are concerned  read more »

Cyberattacks victimizing largest banks, feds say

Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano says the nation's largest financial institutions "are actively under attack" by cybercriminals, and one expert says it is a trend contributing to the rising security costs of banks… read more »

9 tips to choose passwords that keep hackers away

Not long after I began writing about cybersecurity, I became a paranoid caricature of my former self. It's hard to maintain peace of mind when hackers remind me every day, all day, just how easy it is to steal my personal data… read more »

Online Degree Programs: How to Tell the Good From the Bad

Advances in technology over the past decade have propelled colleges and universities into the realm of online education, creating a crowded market for students considering an online degree… read more »

Seniors often targeted for cash in telemarketing scams

As Crime Prevention Week continues, the Greater Sudbury Police Service has tips on how to prevent fraud against seniors, an oft-targeted group… read more »

Canada becoming 'host' country for cyber-attackers, government fears

The Public Safety Department worries Canada is becoming a digital launching pad for -- not just a target of -- malicious cyber-activities, confidential briefing notes reveal… read more »

The home worker who says... Beware online job scams

There's no such thing as an easy buck -- and jobs on the internet are no exception… read more »

Cyberattacks victimizing largest banks, feds say

Stolen files such as the data from 3.6 million hacked South Carolina tax returns are quickly sold on the Internet black market, and the chances of finding whoever did it are slim, a leading cybersecurity experts says… read more »

Cyberattacks victimizing largest banks, feds say

Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano says the nation's largest financial institutions "are actively under attack" by cybercriminals, and one expert says it is a trend contributing to the rising security costs of banks… read more »

Hackers create PixSteal Trojan to copy all photos from your PC, then blackmail you

Crafty malware creators have developed a new type of privacy theft aimed at images stored on your computer this time… read more »

Tis' the Season for Holiday Scams – Don't Let Them Take You for a Swindling Sleigh Ride

Looking forward to the holidays? So are the scammers… read more »

Dunbar to launch division to armor websites against cyber criminals

Dunbar Armored has been in the armored-car business for nearly 90 years. But the Hunt Valley-based company now is branching into a new way to protect banks' and businesses' money and valuables: cybersecurity… read more »

THE POWER REPORT: Banks leave you out there, online

Nobody would argue against the convenience of modern technology. It simplifies our lives and saves us time… read more »

Scams masquerade as online help-wanted ads

Job description changes when victims hired… read more »

Hacker forums used to induct new criminals, report finds

Hacker forums have become a critical global channel through which aspiring criminals are inducted into the ranks of professional cybercrime… read more »

IRS says beware fraudulent look-alike websites

Beware phony IRS websites, the actual Internal Revenue Service warned this week.… read more »

Largest Banks Under Constant Cyber-attack, Feds Say

Defending against cyber-attacks accounts for a significant portion of the $25 billion banks worldwide spend annually on security technology.… read more »

FBI Warns Of Mobile Cyber Threats

Criminals will target holiday shoppers with SMS text and voice mail scams, or smishing and vishing, said the agency… read more »

Cyber Monday: Top Tips for Avoiding Scams

It's easy to be dazzled by the dizzying array of Cyber Monday deals promising online shoppers steep cuts and savings. But don't get snared by holiday scams as you search for seasonal sales… read more »

Dealing With Online Scams

E-crime is on the rise and scammers are getting cleverer. The question is: what are the authorities doing about it?… read more »

Zappos Confirmation Email Scam

The Better Business Bureau is warning people about emails that appear to be confirmations of orders from an online shopping website. read more »

Can Marketers Behave Themselves?

As empowered customers traipse across the Web, they leave ever-juicier bread crumbs of behavior in their wake. The government may step in to limit what marketers are allowed to scoop up. read more »

A Breach too Far

A 2006 survey of chief marketing officers by the CMO Council found that two-thirds of customers would seriously consider taking their business elsewhere if a supplier experienced a data breach. A quarter definitely would. “The biggest issue here is that damage can be multiplied if you don’t have an effective plan and haven’t trained for it”, says Donovan Neale-May, executive director of the CMO Council. read more »

Once Bitten: Madoff Victims Targeted in Yet Another Scam

It was inevitable, right? After enduring the pain of losing lots of money in the Bernard Madoff fraud ... read more »

Bogus intranets scam university students

Universities and their population of students have been marked out as the next soft target by online criminals, security company RSA has reported. ... read more »

Cyberthieves stealing from large percentage of small businesses

Cybercriminals are cracking into the online bank accounts of small- and medium-sized businesses at an unprecedented rate. ... read more »

Four indicted for $25M online ticket fraud scheme

Four men have been indicted for illegally buying and reselling tickets to major concerts, a Rose Bowl game and tapings of the television show Dancing with the Stars. ... read more »

How to Protect Your Funds Online

The rise in popularity and the pervasive nature of online banking over the last decade have been meteoric. The power of convenience has largely trumped customer fears about security ... read more »

Govt warns of online Valentine's scams

Internet users have been warned of the danger of online dating scams in the run-up to Valentine's Day. As part of Scams Awareness Month, the Office of Fair ... read more »

Scam watch: online dating fraudsters are only after one thing ...

The latest scam alert from the Office of Fair Trading warns that the increased potential to meet people online is being used by criminals to con people out ... read more »

Avoiding Online Job Scams

Job seekers who use online job search web sites must be careful to avoid a type of job scam in which the applicant is asked to accept payment to his or her ... read more »

'Scareware' is the latest trick to fool you

As if the Internet wasn't enough of an obstacle course anyway -- what with popup windows, spam, and online scams -- there's always another kind of malicious ... read more »

Social network scams are 'on the rise'

short copy here ... read more »

Security firms warn of iPad scams

Interest in Apple's iPad tablet is likely to spark a wave of online scams in the coming weeks, according to security experts. Attacks have already begun to ... read more »

NFL Fans Warned Not to Fall for Phony Ticket Scams

Some online scams offer to take half of the payment for the tickets upfront as good-faith money, taking the other half afterwards. While this may sound like ... read more »

UGG Boot buyers fall victim to online scams

Fashionable UGG Boots seem to be here to stay, but stylish Lancastrians have been so keen to buy them they have been falling foul of online scams. ... read more »

Beware of bogus online charity appeals for Haiti earthquake victims

The Charity Commission said it was aware of a number of online scams to get hold of charitable donations. One email passed to Cash by the technology company ... read more »

Beware Haiti earthquake scams, says Charity Commission

Criminals are using online scams in a bid to steal donations made to help those affected by the earthquake in Haiti, regulators have warned. ... read more »

Online job scams rise with unemployment

short copy here ... read more »

Gang arrested in Sharjah over Dh300,000 mobile phone text message scam

... urge the public to be vigilant against text scams. In recent times there has been a spurt in mobile phone as well as online scams targeting residents read more »

Craigslist scam makes this home not so sweet

The scam: The breeding ground of online scams, Craigslist, is being used to target Lehigh Valley home sellers. Representatives of the Lehigh Valley ... read more »

Top 10 scams of 2009

The majority of these entities charge for services, applications, or information that can be easily obtained for free by doing online searches or visiting ... read more »

Auditions for 'Twilight' film are scams, says Portland casting agent Lana Veenker

A good number have been asking Lana about ads they've seen online or e-mails they've received offering chances to audition. Lana says the ads and e-mails ... read more »

Government Warns Of Online Free Trial Scams

The Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau gave warnings on Thursday about free trial offers online. Often, consumers miss the fine print ... read more »

Alert on Internet love scam

This public alert went out on Friday after several unsuspecting victims were cheated of their money in online love scams. -- ST PHOTO: ALBERT SIM SEVERAL ... read more »

China jails 11 over online games scam: state media

BEIJING — A court in east China has handed down jail sentences of up to three years to 11 people for their roles in online gaming scams that netted them ... read more »

Madison Woman Duped by Online Dating Scam

The MPD advises that some internet scams are very elaborate, and can involve multiple people working in concert to defraud victims. ... read more »

Scrooged: 12 Xmas-themed Scams

Escrow services such as PayPal allow businesses and consumers to securely and conveniently send and receive payments online. However, escrow scams are ... read more »

Former Officer Victim of Online Scam

After all, Anthony was a police officer at the time who had investigated online scams. "I let [the agent] know of my occupation and I let him know that I've ... read more »

Flu vaccine e-mail is a scam

Known as "phishing," the process differs from online scams in which computer users voluntarily give up their information. Public Health Director Patty Hunt ... read more »

Putting a Fair Internet Use Policy in Place

Aren't these online scams pretty easy to spot? Unfortunately people fall for them all the time. Your employee is using the technology and you can't sit down ... read more »

Shopping online for the holidays? Keep your guard up

Even with the onslaught of scams, consumers can follow a few guidelines to keep their online activities safe. "What we've discovered over the years is ... read more »

The Twelve Scams of Christmas,” or Popular Online Attacks This Holiday Season ...

... Inc. revealed the “Twelve Scams of Christmas” – the twelve most dangerous online scams that computer users should be cautious of this holiday season. ... read more »

'Godfather of Spam' sentenced for e-mail stock scam

The notorious spammer's run of online scams dates back to 1997, during which time he reportedly sent somewhere in the region of 70 million emails a day. ... read more »

How the identity thief stole Christmas

... to have the most competitive prices and then go to their brick-and-mortar stores, saving yourself from worrying about online hackers and phishing scams. ... read more »

E-tailers snagged in marketing 'scam' blame customers

They see nothing wrong with the marketing practices that millions of angry online shoppers and members of the US Senate have called "scams," "robbery" and ... read more »

Tips to Get the Most Out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Burns said to also watch out for phishing scams when shopping online. Always shop at websites that have an "https" at the beginning of the web address when ... read more »

Teen saves thousands by catching Internet Scam

She says Internet scams have increased dramatically this year. “More people are using the Internet,” Lagger said. “Paying your bills online is easier. ... read more »

Real People.
Real Scam Stories.
Real People. real StoriesI had just been fired from my job when I saw an ad on a local classified website that said "help wanted" for a job "processing online ads". The ad indicated that there were only a few positions available…

Read full story »
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