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Social Networking Poll Shows User More Vulnerable Than Ever
CMO Council survey shows that the widespread and growing use of social networks at home and work is creating serious danger of web-borne identity theft and infection

Palo Alto, CA - The results of Bringing Social Security to the Online Community poll were released today, highlighting the vulnerabilities and concerns of social community members around cyber security and the precautions that they are taking or need to take to protect themselves. The online  survey conducted by the CMO Council reveals that while the  social networking community has serious concerns about the overall  security of public spaces, few are taking the most basic of st    read more »

Study Shows Even the Most Savvy of Users are Failing to Properly Protect Themselves Against Online Threats
Recent in-depth look at the personal security practices of the working press, charged with covering cyber-security, shows that even the most informed users fail to understand their personal role in securing the cyberspace.

Palo Alto, August 3, 2009 – A recent survey of the cyber security habits of the working press raises interesting questions about the practices of users in general.   In spite of the high visibility the media has given to cyber security, members of the press are dropping the ball in efforts to protect themselves against online threats.  Recently conducted by the BPM Forum, the Protect the Press Poll found that 80 percent of media staff rarely or never inform their network administrator of online security concerns they encounter.  More than half don’t change their passwords, or rely on their company to do it for them, even though 13 percent have experienced critical data loss or system failure due to malware to their systems.  read more »

Malware and “Malicious Intent” Most Prevalent Cyber Threats; Seniors Main Targets of Fraud
Analysis of Complaints Shows Cyber-Seniors Are Primary Targets of Online Fraud; New Slam the Online Holiday Scam Initiative to Raise Awareness

NEW YORK – Nearly 60 percent of people who reported being victims of cyber crime experienced malware and “malicious intent” – either phishing attempts, fraud, ID theft, spam or a computer intrusion – according to an analysis of data collected from the “Take a Byte Out of Cyber Crime” campaign, which was initiated by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and its public sector partners. read more »

Real People.
Real Scam Stories.
Real People. real StoriesI had just been fired from my job when I saw an ad on a local classified website that said "help wanted" for a job "processing online ads". The ad indicated that there were only a few positions available…

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