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Online Scams - Don’t just click, it could be a trick
Identity Theft Expert Speaker Protection Prevention Resource Blog Read more »
A public service for parents, educators, and everyone interested in young people's use of technology. Read more »

CSO Blogs
CSO provides news, analysis and research on a broad range of security and risk management topics. Areas of focus include information security, physical security, business continuity, identity and access management, loss prevention and more. CSO magazine and are published by CXO Media Inc., which is an IDG (International Data Group) company. Read more »

Trustworthy Computing
Trustworthy Computing is a home for an ongoing discussion of trustworthy cloud computing at Microsoft and throughout the industry. Our goal is to give you a look into how we work to build and maintain security, privacy and reliability in everything we do in the cloud at Microsoft. Shifting information technology to the cloud is a significant business decision, and trust is crucial to that transition. We're passionate about promoting and upholding Microsoft's commitment to providing secure, reliable and private products and services. We want to show you the ways we live that commitment every day. Read more »

Entrepreneur Magazine (Blog)
Business ideas and trends from Entrepreneur Magazine. The latest news, expert advice, and growth strategies for small business owners. Read more »
Experts on personal security and identity theft with more than 25 years of experience in security work, white collar crime prevention, and self-defense. Read more »

it's not a Yahoo! counter folks
One of the most common complaints we get is when a webmeister or user thinks we're unjustly accusing a website of being evil. Read more »

The Red Tape Chronicles
Sullivan covers Internet scams and consumer fraud for The Red Tape Chronicles is's effort to unmask these 21st Century headaches and offer real solutions that save you time and money. Read more »
This gives you an idea of how bad malware is getting, and how much we’re underestimating it: a U.S.. company that processes credit card transactions has just revealed that malware inside its computers may have stolen the details of more than 100 million credit card transactions. That would make it the biggest breach in history. Heartland Payment Systems, one of the fifth largest U.S. processors in terms of volume, began receiving reports of fraudulent activity late last year. read blog »
Gemalto has introduced a new consumer website that helps "consumers fully enjoy their digital lifestyle and protect their personal financial information as they buy, surf, communicate and travel. read blog »
Credit card and debit card data breaches are nothing new, and major precautions have been put in place in an attempt to stop them. Not only do they persist, but they continue to be more widespread than ever. read blog »

Consumer Man with Herb Weisbaum
Knowledge is power. The ConsumerMan is packed with the information to be a smarter consumer. It warns you of scams and shows you how to spot the rip-offs. read blog »


Real People.
Real Scam Stories.
Real People. real StoriesI had just been fired from my job when I saw an ad on a local classified website that said "help wanted" for a job "processing online ads". The ad indicated that there were only a few positions available…

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